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If you are looking for someone to inspire and motivate you in 2016, award winning life coach Ava Eagle Brown would be really hard to overlook. Ava experienced a very difficult childhood in Jamaica often working for food instead of attending school and being betrayed by the people she should have trusted the most in this world to care for her but instead was sexually abused. This would have broken a lot of people but Ava went on to become a strong financially independent woman with two MBA degrees to boot and is an in-demand actress, but her main goal in life is to transform lives by teaching that the failures and disappointments you experience are part of your journey to success.

Can you describe your career background before you became a life coach and trainer?
Wow! I have done it all; from teaching, banking, retail management, sales and consultancy. I am someone with many strings to my bow.

2 Changing your career is quite a huge decision because it involves moving beyond your comfort zone, please tell us what motivated you to follow your dream to become a life coach and an author.

Firstly, I do not do anything within my comfort zone. I am of the belief that nothing happens within that zone, you have to step out on the steep edges and that is just who I am and what I did. I love the edge because that is where the magic happens. Yes yes!

Secondly, I was tired of being overlooked for promotions in various positions here in the UK. I felt I ought to have been promoted on numerous occasions. I was already writing my book Bamboo & Fern, so when the Financial Times (FT) decided that they wanted to publish an article that arose from a case study done by RDI, my university at the time, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands so that became my launch pad. Lesson here,“Learn to recognise and take an opportunity people.” What better launch pad than being featured in the FT could I have asked for?

Looking back what were the steps that you took to live the life you wanted?
I have always had an opinion, I'd describe myself as a bit of a feisty woman who has always lived boldly. Mum would tell you I have always been determined and focused, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit. Come on, I was selling mangoes as early as 12 years old. I was

Luckily, these characteristics have helped me tremendously, they have been instrumental in helping to shape the life I now have but more so the woman I am today. I pride myself in being strong and resilient, most of it wasn’t by choice but forced upon me. I had to exercise an option, it was sink or swim and I decided I couldn’t drown, so I swam. My childhood has provided me with the ability to push through the storms like the eagle does positioning me to claim the life I now have. One of peace, joy, abundance and such fulfillment. Unfortunately, enough of us are not equipped with the tools to tap into this life. It takes a particular mindset shift for this to happen and most of us are so afraid of stepping into the deep.

4 The path to following your goals is not easy what are your tips for overcoming the low points and staying motivated?
There is never an easy path to success in my view, ask any of the greats (Richard Branson, Oprah etc.) We must stay focused and constantly reminded of the reason we started in the first place. This is paramount as it helps to keep us grounded. I also say, think on all the times you would have wasted if you were to quit now? Remember winners never quit and quitters have no chance of winning.

5 Achieving success although fantastic can also be distracting, how do you stay focused?
I had to cut out some aspects of my life to stay focused such as television, particularly Animal Planet and Nollywood, oh I love Nollywood and would watch it endlessly. By the way, I've acted in two films, one was out this year and the other will be out in March 2016. I have acted with Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin, plus some UK mainstream soaps actors from Holby City and EastEnders.

Staying focused has seen me having to decline some invites to hangout frivolously and have a more structured life. It’s not easy ooh (in her Naija accent, might I add she has a half Naija son). At this stage of my life I am also single by choice. I feel I am unable to properly commit to a relationship the way I should while building my vision simultaneously. By that I mean, I think it would be unfair on any guy for me to date him just this moment. I wouldn’t be able to commit the time required to truly love him properly. The way I want to love the next time around means, I would want to ensure that he has my full attention, bearing that in mind maybe it'll happen at the end of 2016. I promise to update you. (She laughs)

One of the barriers to people attaining their dreams is being surrounded by naysayers how do you go about overcoming negativity?
I accept that there will always be naysayers or energy vampires as I call them. I therefore I try to have a tunnel vision sometimes and  as I grow in the business, I grow thicker skin. I believe when people talk about me it's good because , one they give me more PR and two there has to be something about me that’s worth talking about. You just have to stay true to you are and surround yourself with authentic supporters.

7 What are the questions our readers should ask themselves to get started on achieving their goals in 2016?

I love this question the most of all the ones you have asked and would answer by asking:

What will you do differently to ensure that 2016 delivers as opposed to 2015?

Do you believe your destiny is in your hands?

Do you believe you deserve to live the life of your dreams?

What will it take to stop just living, but dominate your life?

Do you know that the word impossible actually means I'm possible so what stops you from just getting up and doing it?

8 Ava's achievements and awards
Most recently Ava won the Motivational Woman of The Year award at the Black Women Rock Awards in November 2015 and has previously been featured in the Financial Times, The Guardian and The Voice just to name a few. To find out more about Ava and to contact her please visit For a full list of her awards and achievements please see below.


  • Interviewed on The Towanda Show Arizona USA

  • Interviewed on Its All Black Radio NY

  • Interviewed on Mumpreneurs Anne Bona ITunes

  • Interviewed on Its Just Us Radio Atlanta

  • Interviewed in HonestMum Magazine

  • Interviewed in Sewafolie Magazine

  • Interviewed on Radio Diamond UK

  • Nominated Finalist Woman4AFrica Awards Author

  • Nominated Finalist Inspirational Role Model Dream Street Awards

  • Interviewed On The Angie Le Mar Show on Premiere Radio London

  • Appeared on The Posh Dee Show London

  • Acted in Enchained The Movie

  • Featured The British Black List

  • Featured Ben TV Sky London

  • Colourful Radio London


  • Graduated with MBA University of Wales

  • Featured in The Financial Times London

  • Featured in The Guardian London

  • Featured in The Voice Newspaper London

  • Featured in The Gleaner Jamaica

  • Featured in Family Friendly Working magazine

  • Featured in Croydon Advertiser London

  • Appeared on the TV Programme Profile TVJ Jamaica

  • Interviewed on Kemet 95 FM Nottingham

  • Interviewed On The Empress Show Blogtalk Radio

  • Interviewed in Caribbean News Service

  • Guest Speaker Merton Success Awards

  • Nominated Finalist Diva of Colour Author


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Comment by : AvaBrown
I am so humbled to be here . Happy New year everyone go claim your greatness in 2016. #repositionyourlife

Comment by : Lucia Briois
Thank you Ava for showing such fortitude.You are an inspiration to us all. At this time of year people generally feel run down not looking forward to facing the next year's challenge. I strongly encourage them to read about your life story.

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