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Karla Thomas is a name you need to remember because you will hear a lot more from her in the future. This can be said with confidence. Why? Karla's deadly winning combination of creativity and strong work ethic is quite rare.

1 When did you start your catering business?
Well, I have worked in the catering business for over 20 years, working contracts in restaurants and businesses. I decided last year do start a business on my own.

2 Describe the light bulb moment when you decided that this was the business for you?
Firstly, I had always been held back by the fear of not succeeding, even though my friends and family always encouraged me to start a business. Secondly, there's never any shortage of employment opportunities in the catering industry, this induced me to stay within my comfort zone. I eventually got the courage to start taking samples to networking groups and catering for my own parties and small events. The feedback I received was very positive.

3 Do you have a business plan?
Not yet, I am going to work on it very soon. I did attend a short course on starting a business which did included creating a plan. I've already started the process by testing the marketing by fulfilling contracts for intimate events. Most recently I worked with Soap Connoisseur.

4 What makes you unique?
My specialty is low-calorie cakes, but my skills are varied, I can cater according to individual needs from meat to vegan requirements.

5 What would you say is your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge is financing my business. Investors expect you to be earning an income from it already before they can finance you.


Karla Thomas at work.

Do you work on your business on a full or part time basis?

I work on a full-time basis because I back myself to make it success.

7 Do you have a mentor?
Yes I do, he is someone who I find inspirational. We meet on weekly basis. I tell him what I've been doing and he motivates me to achieve my goals.

8 What is you love the most about catering?
I fell into catering because I always looked into doing something else, but my mother has told me she always knew I would do this because I love preparing food. Being in the business has allowed me to master it.

9 Where do you see your business five years from now?
I would love to see my low calorie cake products in stores nationwide.

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