Banish your cracked heels in 7 days

I dread the approach winter every year when I think of how cold it will get, however come to think of it Spring and Summer are so frenetic what with all the activities with friends and families but by the time it's winter, things calm down, it is the best period to set aside some me time for yourself. A great to do that way is to treat yourself to a relaxing home foot spa to banish your cracked heels, which actually happens to be the most neglected part of your body.

 What you'll need


First, schedule quiet time for yourself when you are unlikely to be disturbed for up to an hour.

For the foot spa

1. Compromised Skin Balm - This moisturiser is specially formulated by Etieno a truly inspiring brand that specialises in post cancer treatment skin care for dry and cracked skin only using sustainable natural products . Why we recommend the cream? Moisturisers are easily absorbed by your heels into your body so it is essential that you select natural toxic free products.

2. Argan and Rooibos soap – This natural fragrance free hand made soap by Shea Butter Cottage is perfect for cleansing your skin with out causing dryness; it is made with organic argan oil, heaps of pure unrefined sheabutter, unrefined babassu and rooibos suitable for all skin types and best of all you can be assured that the ingredients are ethical, fair trade and sustainable.

3Pumice Stone
Available from Amazon

4. ½ cup of Walter's Epsom salt

Available from your local Boots store or can be purchased online. 

5. Foot spa or a basin filled with water as hot as you can stand.

Over night preparation

Two clear plastic bags

Compromised skin balm from Etieno

A pair of socks


Dissolve the epsom salt in the water, slip your feet in and relax for at least 20 minutes then lather your feet with soap.

Use the pumice to thoroughly exfoliate your feet, between your toes and nails.

Remove your feet remove from the spa, rinse in clear water then towel dry and moisturise.

Before going to bed add more moisturiser to your feet, cover with the plastic bags making sure they're lightly tied at the ankles then secure with socks.

The next morning you should see the difference depending on the severity of the cracks.

Repeat the wrapping and moisturising process nightly (rinse, dry thoroughly and moisturise every morning) for at least 7 days. You should not have to use the pumice again which actually causes the skin to harden and crack in the long term according to Pioneer Thinking. If you keep to this process you will have the smoothest softest feet you've ever had in no time!


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