Trailblazer – Dr Yana Johnson MBE

Trailblazer – Dr Yana Johnson MBE

A woman passionate and driven about everything she does

Yana Johnson MBE is the first lady of high-quality cosmetics for women of colour in the UK. Yana had the light bulb moment to start her own cosmetics line when she could not find makeup suitable for her needs and after some research found out that none of the cosmetics companies at the time were manufacturing or supplying makeup especially for women of colour, and so Yana Cosmetics was founded in 2002.

Vision and mission statement
Yana Cosmetics Makeup giving everywoman a choice of excellent makeup.

Yana Cosmetics LTD produces and sells a full range of Makeup; Foundations, Powders, Blushers, Eye Shadows etc.


1. Describe your career before you started your cosmetics business?
Professional career working at Price Waterhouse, leaving to pursue MA in International Business, then leaving early to go on tour and write hit album selling over 40,000 copies in Japan.


2. Describe the light bulb moment in your life that made you start over?
I was sure that I could create a solution as I found it hard to find makeup that worked and realized I had the potential to change the market.


3. Why did you choose to produce makeup for women of colour as a business?
The gap was really big and I was the only one doing it.  The vision was and still is bigger than me, it’s scary and exciting.  I love challenges.


4. Describe your lowest point when you first started your business and how did you overcome it?
The entire journey has been through faith, I refuse to let little things get me down.  Money and time do not control me.


5. and your high point?
Every breath, every day, every challenge has caused me to grow and develop beyond my years.  I am so grateful where I am now and that I can now also make an impact on others and leave a legacy.

6. What would you say are your strengths that motivate you to make your business the continual success that it is?
Faith, Patience, no fear, hard work, determination, integrity, Love


7. Are there any future developments you would like to let Pantoufle readers know about?
My give back Programme the Yana Enterprise Programme, empowers, mentors and develops future business leaders, signing up to the program is different to any other on the market because it addresses multi-ethnic need and support.


8. What tips would you like to give budding entrepreneurs out there?
Don’t ever give up! Otherwise don’t start.


As a result of her hard, Yana  has been recognised through awards having acclaimed a staggering 7 Business Awards for excellence and entrepreneurship such as:

Entrepreneur ofthe Year award for the prestigious Black Enterprise, USA and

International Business of the Year Award


Giving back with theYana Enterprise Progamme

You could have your own success story by taking part in the Yana Enterprise Program,

If you would like to find out more about Yana Cosmetics or would like to get involved please email or for more information please visit





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