Five Entrepreneurial Myths Debunked

Yes, you too can be an entrepreneur!

1 You need to have  specific character type to be a successful entrepreneur
 There are numerous studies to try to find out what makes a successful entrepreneur and  suggestions pertaining to the fact that a successful entrepreneur has to be a risk taker, well educated, very sociable in order to take advantage of networking and leveraging relationships. It is true all of the above does help to a certain extent, what really is counts is belief in yourself, take your business seriously and have the passion and drive to carry through to success.

2 Your Personal Life will be Non existent
Time management is the hallmark of a good entrepreneur.  Yes you will work long hours but being self-employed you can make time for different areas in your life and business. Plan your days in advance and develop a priority list with  set deadlines.

3 Your Idea has to be innovative and/or new
You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Innovation is very important however spotting a gap or improvement to a service can allow you to reap great dividends.

4 Not acheiving immediate success means you're a failure
We've all heard of  somebody coming setting up a business and being a millionaire overnight. Actually, more often than not the business fails because plans were not put in place to handle demand for the product or service.

5 It's all about the money
It is great to earn enough to fund a lavish lifestyle if your business income allows you to do so. A balance must be struck between spending income personally and naturing your business by reinvesting and championing development, doing this will build value. 

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